After 38 years spent towing and scrapping you, your friends’, and your parents’ cars & trucks in and around Metro Vancouver, I’ll give you the best price for your junk vehicle.  The larger the vehicle, the more cash you get.

Through the years, I’ve done almost all my own repairs. I drive an older, bigger truck; and, believe it or not, that means my truck is both easier and cheaper to repair than the newer ones.  It can carry more weight, safely, than most of the newer ones; and when you call any one of them — and you have a larger truck or bus to scrap — they usually hire me, or someone like me, to tow it.

And there are several “scrappers” who hire me to tow almost all their stuff, even the small cars and pickups.  (They find it cheaper than buying and maintaining their own machinery.)  But before they quote you a price for your vehicle, they’ve subtracted both the costs of my towing — and their profit — from what they expect the scrap yard will pay.  By calling me directly, you eliminate at least one of these costs.

And why do these other scrappers hire me?  Because I’m always there on time, getting the job done, no matter how messy, dirty, or challenging it may be.  If it’s stuck somewhere in a field, away from your driveway, I’ve got plenty of cable to real it in.  If the wheels are stuck, I know plenty of tricks to get them rolling.  And if there are no wheels, well, I’ll still find some way to make you a deal!

And I tow.  So if you have two vehicles, one to tow and one to scrap, then I’m your man!

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